C.A.S.T. List
This CASTing code is:

Loving, giving, and moral with a desire to stay positive.

When auditioning/playing these kinds of roles, be sure to consider their "Driving Why" /Objective:

This character wants/needs a community around them to feel loved.

Pooh Bear

Winnie The Pooh

This cuddly teddy-bear Pooh is a comforting creature who always seeks to help his friends and loved ones. He desires to "do the rightthing" and radiates positivity.

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What is C.A.S.T.?

When casting a project, Casting Directors are looking for more than just physical characteristics like Age, Gender, & Ethnicity. They are looking for actors that have the same general "vibe" and "energy" of the characters they're looking to cast.

After years of research, hundreds of castings, thousands of actors, and dozens of personality science methods plus historical drama theories from Shakespeare, the Ancient Greeks, Comedia Dell'arte + more, ACT Now! has systematized the process of finding a character's "vibe" and "energy." Moreover, we are using this information to better match you with the roles you are most likely to book. We have created the 4 CASTing Codes: Community, Attention, Structure, Thought based on a character's objectives & characteristics.